Like a modern testimony to that age-old saying, ‘A Picture says Thousand Words,’ there really is no denying its relevance in our world of vacation rentals. Impressive images, crystal clear with great colors and lighting bedazzles the listing page and entices the traveler to know more about the holiday home. So, here are a few reasons supporting the statement alongwith some tips some tips to ensure that the maximum potential is being realized from your listing –

Be Cautious: Pictures Sell –

Photos furnish the most vivid comprehension of your property, starting from its layout, to the plush indoors and the playful outdoors, the nearby locality as well as all other specialties that are on offer with your rental. Eye-catchy with decent lighting, in high-resolution with sparkling colours exponentially increase the chances of making a booking. Although a great rental description inclusive of the unique characteristics of your property is essential for an ideal listing page, the photos are the very first thing that any traveler shuffles through on the webpage. If you fail to make an impact in this regard, you probably are not going to any business from the traveler.

Crucial for building that trust factor –

In spite of the massive perks that rentals have in contrast to hotels (cost effectiveness, extra space, relative liberty, a true local experience and many more), potential travelers would always be wary of your listing and its location prior to personal visits, if the property pictures fail to convey the necessary information regarding the same. Ensure that you generate a certain amount of trust, and inturn bookings, by furnishing a thorough perspective of your property for visitors to gauge at. Try and include exterior shots of the property and its vicinity, apart from the usual living and bedding spaces.

Detail is Everything –

Guests can get a glimpse of what to expect during their vacation, they are able to gauge and anticipate pretty much what all awaits for them at the particular rental with just the photos. Every homeowner/property manager is willing to go that extra-mile, for comforting their guests and ensuring the highest levels of hospitality. So why not reciprocate the same levels of commitment in the property photos. After all, tis the first thing the travelers see, and also that ‘First Impression is the Last Impression!’ Lots of details are admired by all travelers, and in a way it reflects your care and concern for them during their stay at your place. So, don’t leave anything hanging, and certainly don’t miss out on any!

Greatwebmakers Pro-Tips (Miscellaneous)
Be extremely professional with a helpful attitude whilst communicating with the traveler. Ensure that the visitors are accommodated for and feel welcomed upon arrival. Perhaps present a bouquet or a box of chocolates, or both. Show some hospitality. A powerful-healthy relationship with a traveler results in return bookings in the near future, not just from them, but also from their family and friends.

Update Seasonal Photos

Stay vigil with the seasonal changes, as this tends to affect the property locality in varied degrees!  To illustrate a scintillating cottage after the first snowfall looks completely different from the springtime, and visitors sending inquiries in summer would prefer images of that specific season.Routinely, keep updating your photos in accordance with the date and relevance.

Placement Matters Most

The sequencing of the images should be similar to the walkthrough of the entire house. Think The placement and positioning matters just as much as the quality-content of the photos. Be very specific of this, think like an outsider, and then work on improving the flow of the pictures.

Quality & Quantity: The Two Q’s of generating Business

High resolution images, with atleast twenty snaps in all is a superb combination for appeasing visitors into booking your rental. As mentioned above, make sure that the photos are neither blurry, nor overly large- small, and should definitely be not cut-off from any angle or position. Lighting, colors and quality are some of the most important components of an effective photo, and so is the flow of images on the listing page.

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