Eyeing the extraordinary competition in the vacation rental industry these days, standing out from the gazillions of seemingly identical properties is critical for sustaining your profitable rental business. The fierce contention for travelers between property managers has coerced many out of business. And the only possible means of increasing your bookings is to raise your level of commitment towards the visitors, perhaps by going that extra mile.

Interestingly, there ain’t anything that is cherished and appreciated more by the visitors than a hearty welcome, especially one that invigorates and energises their spirits after a tiresome journey. Little things such as pretty gifts acknowledging the presence of your guests, helps with setting a friendly tone of comfort between one and all, establishing a healthy start to perhaps a long enduring business relationship. And more importantly, it makes them conscious of the rentals’ uniqueness and lovely ambience, and that your comforting aura and friendly persona is here to assist them in whichever way possible. It ain’t a mundane, sterile and generic hotel-room that they’ve booked for their Website Designing for vacation, its a full-fledged holiday home with warmth and tenderness, something kinda hard to comeby these days!

To start with, visitors simply love it when they’re greeted with sweets and beautiful bouquets dressed in vases right in the living room. Perhaps the most useful of things is a basic guide, or welcome book, highlighting an interesting snapshot of the locality and that this should ideally be placed at entryway table or the kitchen counter. Such a collection of photos, relevant info all compiled at one place kind-of leaves a very professional-respectful impression on the visitors.

A list of items we recommend to be included in the book –

Essential Information:

Contact number for emergency

Area Maps

Wi-Fi Credentials

Access Passes

Instructions for departure with timings of check-out

Simple Instructions for Operating:


Water and septic systems

Entertainment Devices

List of household supplies

Food/Perishable items

Toilet paper, paper towels, linens, etc

Attractions in the vicinity

Restaurants – include menus for takeout and delivery options

Grocery stores, farmer’s markets/stands

Local attractions – hiking trails, best beaches, amusement parks, etc

Local dog park or off-leash area

Means of Public Transportation

Bus routes

Taxi and shuttle services

Car and bike rentals

Airports, train stations, etc

Prompt Customer Service – This aspect is a big differentiator in between the generic-sterile properties and the truly hospitable holiday homes. Punctual traveller assistance and servicing goes along way in forming long-term business relationships.

Promote to Past Guests

Apart from exceptional customer service, regular reminders through emails and postcards etc, recalling the travellers mesmerizing stay at your rental is another great way of securing bookings for the near future.

Words of Wisdom

Pricing your unit fairly, astute replies to travelers responses/complaints and making the visitors feel wanted and welcomed at your rental property are other pro-tips from our travel experts.

So, regardless of the welcome gift, the guide-book or the above mentioned hospitable method of appeasement, I hate to tell you that no one single method is enough for ensuring a resplendent vacationing experience. Only that perfect concoction of numerous blissful ways of treating your visitors, like a simmering cocktail is capable of fetching dividends over a period time.

Happy bookings!

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