Unbelievable it may sound to some, but every season is a good season to vacation. There are ups and downs in traffic and booking, there is no doubt to that, however long time vacation rental owners will attest to this phenomena. Travelers are reported to make bookings at the most unexpected of times and places, and as a rental owner or manager, you gotta stay prepped-up, especially for those short term bookings.

Winter is as good a time as any to get away, as travelers often look to spend quality time with their families in quaint neighbourhoods with breathtaking views. All you need to do is to ensure a relaxed and lounged personal website for vacation rentals property, by incorporating these winter friendly updates in your rental and also by marketing your rental website with the precise keyword tips mentioned at the end of this article. Make your rental stand out with your very own personal property website boasting of these specific tweaks, making it all the more interesting for a winter traveler to book it for the frosty season up ahead


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Imagine a long hot bath on a chilly afternoon, with resplendent views of snow capped mountains picturesquely dotting the horizon…. A handful of things can perhaps match upto the sheer luxury offered by such an experience. Guests love this after skiing or hiking all day in the snow. Upgrade to a spazzy new jet tub from a standard one, and transform your bathroom into a hard to resist spa for winter visitors. Leave out a few tips for the travelers, such as how the tub works including turning on the jet, heater, air, lights as well fixing common issues, if and when required.


  1. Radiant (Heated) Floors 

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May sound as an expensive investment, it is a certain worthwhile project in the long run with very a small pay-off time. A lot of factors go into deciding its costing, and these include your vacation rental property’s square meters, type of radiant heating, the current flooring, and more. On an average, it ranges between $2,000 to $6,000. Radiant flooring comes in a wide range of options such as Wood, Ceramic, Carpet, Linoleum and Stone etc.

  1. Smart Locks

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A must have for vacation rentals in far-off exotic locations, having a smart lock means that you dont have to be there personally for letting your guests into the property. Traveler arrivals can get delayed, and making arrangements for cleaners and maintenance/repairs is exactly the scenario Smart Locks are meant for. Further, smart locks provide with an additional layer of security, and are also an attractive feature for families concerned about the safety of their children. Many kinds of smart locks are available in the market, alongwith numerous other types of home automation devices. Dont forget to mention these potential ‘Features for Booking’ on your personal vacation rental website.

  1. Gas Fireplace

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Winter is best enjoyed next to a fireplace, that iconic chalet feeling with a hot toddy in your hands while you gorge on sumptuous aromatic food! Though seasoned winter vacationers are aware of the hassles some traditional rustic fireplaces, installing a gas fire is just the thing that’ll fire up their creative neurons and entice them into booking your rental property. A flip of a switch and viola, the heavenly warmth resonating through the living spaces without the troubles of hauling wood or shoving and poking it around…. Costs include purchasing and installing the entire setup, apart from the monthly gas charges. But once its ready and flashing on your personal property website and website development company in florida, the chances of winter bookings goes up the roof the fire crackles throughout the day!!!

  1. Epoxy Flooring: Garage and Patio

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The greatest advantage from epoxy is slip resistance, a potential threat in lanes and neighbourhoods where guests have to tread through snow. Epoxy flooring started in commercial garages, as it very Safe as well as Durable. And rental owners are increasingly switching over to epoxy flooring, and making their vacation homes more marketable in the winter by advertising the same on their personal property websites. Its a remarkable addition for those snow birds who love to stay outdoors in all weather. It basically saves guests from accidental falls, in between to-and-fros with the garage or patio and the house. And its also designed to aid in cleaning spills and puddles as well as wiping of the melting snow from the floor.

And that Once you’re done with these infrastructural investments and tweaks, use these marketing one-liners wisely and judiciously –

  • Market it: Your family is safe, No matter the Weather. (Epoxy Flooring)
  • Market it: Get in fast, No waiting for the owner! Plus: Enhanced Security. (Smart Locks)
  • Market it: Stay cozy in a Jiffy, without the Work! (Gas Fire)
  • Market it: Market it: leave your slippers at home, you won’t need them! (Radiant Floors)
  • Market it: Relax after a long day outside in the brand-new jet tub. (Jet Tub)



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