Building a brand digitally marketing is not easy. There ain’t a foolproof way of doing, and certainly no singled-out avenue works best. What actually does, is a mix-and-match, a bit of this and a lot of that! To illustrate this in relevance with the rental industry, simply listing your property on rental directories does not guarantee a steady stream of business. We’ve compiled a list of top four social media avenues, that should be great for getting started with building a network and in turn, a loyal customer base. The top grossing social media platforms in terms of net traffic and targeting a mass audience are – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, though not necessarily in that order.

So, here we go –


A properly articulated blog, backed by infographics and key facts is essential for establishing credibility and building a strong network of travelers. A well-designed blog till-date remains the a strong foundational element of any robust social media strategy. The key to success, however, is to stay active with frequent posts, comments and personal responses to every query. WordPress undoubtedly remains one of the most popular platforms for blogging. Its free, powerful,a dn can be easily handled by newbies in the digital arena. Alternatively, you could avail professional and paid blogging services for creating a flamboyant, eye-catchy and highly-optimized blog site that shall generate-direct nice amounts of traffic for your rental business.


A dedicated Facebook page, a Fan page, a community page and many other numerous kinds of pages supported by facebook are effective for generating a popular fan-base for your rental business. The world is on facebook today, and what better way than to specifically target your customers in accordance with facebook’s’ targeted advertising services. You could design the page yourself, or get a third-party to do it for you. Moreover, you could promote it yourself as well on the platform through engaging strategies such as marketing campaigns, or instead get some professional marketing firm to do it for you. Its not very easy though, and it ain’t rocket science as well. All it needs is a bit of commitment and diligence.


Specifically speaking for vacation rental owners/managers, connecting with influencers from the industry such as travel writers, critics and potential guests, Twitter is the best social medium out there. So like when you set up your Twitter account and start following some of the well-known public figures within the industry, chances are they’ll probably wont return the ‘digital favour.’ However, over a period of time consisting of series of frequent tweets, blog posts shared on twitter, campaigns, real-time updates and especially local news as well as some friendly engagement with fellow owners and travelers, all eyes would surely turn to you. You’ll definitely experience a surge in traffic, followers and engagements, and all of this turn would boost the global presence of your tweets, hence garnering your home/property an increased business. It tends to take some time, though Twitter is definitely worth the effort.

Article Writing
Alternatively known as guestposts, article writing is no different from blogging. Only that you post the written content on third-party website design company miami that command a large audience. Publishing articles on popular reading websites is a simple and effective way to create a buzz, and sort of publicity around any topic. There simply is not dearth of highly-rated vacation rental websites accepting blogs/articles/writeups in both long and short format from anonymous users. Moreover, this presents with itself an opportunity to carve out your specific niche, create a signature section inclusive of your bio as well as further links to your listing or site. Trust us, there really ain’t no better way to start with your marketing strategies!

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